Polished Amethyst Points, Extra Grade

  • $100.00

Categories: Calming, Relaxing, Purifying

Approx Height : 8-10 cm

Width : 3-4 cm

Amethyst has been in use for centuries by many different cultures and for many different reasons, including in rings of Christian bishops to signify royalty and allegiance to Christ. The name itself comes from the Greek amethustos, which means “not intoxicated” and the Ancient Greeks believed it could help people keep sober. One Greek myth is the god Bacchus was angry one day and vowed to unleash tigers on the next person he saw. This poor soul happened to be Amethyst and as the tigers were about to set on her, she prayed to the goddess Diana for help. Diana turned Amethyst into a white crystal. Bacchus, feeling bad for that he had done, poured wine on the white crystal which gave it a purple hue.

Amethyst is used for dispelling negative thoughts, which calms one’s stress and anxiety and can even help if you are having nightmares. It is also used to help intuition and communication, to increase your effectiveness at work.

Use when: You are stressed, are anxious about something, or have a presentation coming up at work.

How to use: Keep Amethyst wherever you most need it…on your office desk, in your pocket, in your bag, in your car or on your bedside table.

Chakra association: Crown chakra.

Source: Brazil

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