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Which Crystals For Anxiety And Stress?

Anyone suffering from stress and anxiety knows it is a terrible thing to deal with. We can become less social, more irritable, prone to panic attacks and it can affect our sleep and immune system. We recommend you help relieve things with as many resources as possible... meditation, counsellors, exercise and crystals (there are many crystals for anxiety and stress, as outlined below). The more tools and resources to help you the better.

2020 brought on a lot of stressful situations for many because of the coronavirus, so it is completely understandable you are searching for help, including researching the healing power of crystals.

Illustration of human head showing anxiety by a piece of string being scattered everywhere above the head

Healing Crystals To Consider:

Lepidolite helps you unwind, it has a calming energy which is something we all need at times. This is why many people put it next to their baths.


Amethyst is used for dispelling negative thoughts, which calms one’s stress and anxiety and can even help if you are having nightmares.


When we are anxious we need an anchor and tourmaline helps ground you.


Apophyllite helps clear one of cynicism, creating a more positive atmosphere.


Sometimes our mind is racing all over the place when we're anxious, so fluorite helps give us focus.


Clear Quartz
Clear quartz is a powerful stone as it helps amplify and increase the effectiveness of our thoughts, energy and crystals and so it is also good to have a clear quartz with your other crystals or when you are meditating.


Often referred to the stone of peace, many people reach out to sodalite to calm themselves during a panic attack.


Blue Lace Agate
Like they say fight fire with fire, fight the blues with blue! Just concentrating and meditating on this lovely crystal calm help sooth one, while you think of the ocean.


The Inuit people in Canada believed the Northern Lights were trapped in Labradorite, until a warrior came striking the rock with a spear and releasing the lights. This same wonderous beauty, an inspiration of nature, can energise your mind against anxiety.


Rose Quartz
People typically know rose quartz as just the love stone but opening and healing one's heart also helps reduce anxiety and stress.


Citrine and Garnet (Or Chakra set)
See below under Chakra for how to use.


Garnet -  It can help you through the anxious aftermath of traumatic events and to re-establish a sense of peace and tranquillity in your life. Garnet helps to calm frayed nerves and strengthens our survival instinct.


How To Use Crystals


Indian medicine believes that your body has seven main chakra points, or energy centres, which are invisible energy wheels that keep us healthy. These chakras - root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown - start from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. Each of these energy centres contains heaps of nerves and organs, so it is important to make sure these energy centres do not get blocked and are always fluid and moving. As crystals carry energy, they can align with a specific chakra to help that area and issue.

Anxiety is caused by a number of things, so understanding what causes it is the first place to start.

If you feel your anxiety is being caused by fear, a loss of power and a feeling in the gut, then you need to concentrate on your solar plexus chakra. So quietly close your eyes, meditate and as you are doing so, hold a citrine to above/on the upper half of your stomach.

You might instead or also feel your anxiety is caused by your base survival "flight or fight" response. In that case, you need to focus on your root chakra. Close your eyes, meditate and as you are doing so, hold a garnet or black tourmaline to anchor your emotions.

Sleep With Them

I have always loved Dumbledore's quote about dreaming, "For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud." It really reminds me of how our mind pursues our dreams in its unconscious state.

Our body and mind are linked and if our mind is chasing our dreams, then our body will as well. Putting a crystal such as a lepidolite tower/obelisk or apophyllite by your bed, encourages its vibes to enter your mind and dream about the possible.

Wear Them

The most convenient way to interact with your crystals is to wear them. That way you are always in contact with them. So you could wear amethyst stud earrings or clear quartz stud earrings, for example.

Relax With Them

Where do you relax the most? When are you most at ease? Everyone has a different answer to this but many find they are most relaxed when they are lying in a bath with epsom salts, perhaps even a candle lit. So perhaps take some amethyst in with you and place it on the side, or lepidolite tower or fluorite....the choice is yours. Why is relaxation with your crystals so important? It helps lower our blood pressure, reduces stress and allows you to accept the universe in, as your mind is not distracted or fighting against things. 

Other Things To Keep in Mind

We'd like to help you as much as we can, so here are some other things to consider which may help:

- Exercise: Just engaging in 20 minutes of exercise can help our bodies get rid of the stress hormone cortisol quicker and help you to feel a bit better.

- Visit a museum or art gallery: A change of scenery where you can let your mind wonder and take in new things, can help your mental state.

- Massage: The body and mind are interconnected so it is important to look after both. A massage helps the body relax and you can try visualising your negative thoughts melting away.

- Meditation: Meditation is a great way to dispel all thoughts from the mind, including negative ones Unless you get rid of negative energy and thoughts, it will be difficult to calm the mind and relieve stress. So practising meditation will not only give you relief for that moment, but help your mind relax. If you have never meditated and want to try, you might like to visit here.

Woman lying down eyes closed with crystals spaced and laid out on her front

- Good sleep: Sleep is the opportunity for us to repair and that includes both the body and mind. It gives us rest and a chance to reset, so try getting in more sleep.

- Socialise: This is more challenging for people who have social anxiety, but by nature humans are meant to be in each other's company and not alone. Friends help lift our spirits and even distract us. Sometimes letting loose can really help!

- Support group: Knowing you are not alone in feeling anxious can help or just seeing what things have worked for others. Consider joining a support group, even if it is just once a month, whenever you can fit it in with your lifestyle.

- Natural medicine: There are a lot of natural medicines you can talk that may help. Kava kava tablets can help you relax. Kava has been used for centuries in the Pacific Islands for its calming effect, so it could help with your anxiety. One version is here. Another natural product is Seremind, which is derived from lavender oil. 

- Candles: Not to blow our own trumpet but yes, candles can help relax you! You can read more about how our crystal candles can help you in everyday life here.

We hope these crystals for anxiety and stress help you and remember to keep adding as many things to your mental toolbox as well. If you are interested in crystal therapy, you might also be interested in our crystal anxiety kit

Which Crystals For Anxiety Should You Use?

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