• Amethyst stud earrings
  • Amethyst stud earrings

Amethyst Raw Crystal Jewellery Studs Earrings In Healing Copper - February Birthstone Earring - Pisces Zodiac Earring

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Raw Amethyst Crystal Jewellery Stud Earrings in a beautiful aged copper setting with surgical steel posts. Perfect for February birthdays and Pisces zodiacs.

Amethyst has been in use for centuries by many different cultures and for many different reasons, including in rings of Christian bishops to signify royalty and allegiance to Christ. The name itself comes from the Greek amethustos, which means “not intoxicated” and the Ancient Greeks believed it could help people keep sober. One Greek myth is the god Bacchus was angry one day and vowed to unleash tigers on the next person he saw. This poor soul happened to be Amethyst and as the tigers were about to set on her, she prayed to the goddess Diana for help. Diana turned Amethyst into a white crystal. Bacchus, feeling bad for that he had done, poured wine on the white crystal which gave it a purple hue.

As a healing crystal, it is known to help with anxiety and fertility

Raw Stone -  6mm to 8mm electroformed in copper

Birthstone: February 

Zodiac: Aquarius

Chakra association: Crown

Used for: Protection

Gemstone origin: Zambia

All pieces are handcrafted, so please allow for slight variations or flaws - that's what makes them special! Every piece is unique in its own way and made with love, that's the advantage over machine-made.


About Electroforming Process/jewellery

The plating process uses electricity to transfer jewellery-grade copper from sheet form, onto crystal stones. It makes the jewellery extremely durable, beautiful, and one of a kind. Each time we electro-form, the copper builds up differently. It builds particle by particle, not uniformly. It's science and ancient jewellery design from the 1800s at its best. It's fascinating and a labour of love. 

With these studs, we did not oxidize or darken the copper, but it has a lovely natural tarnish to it already. The studs may continue to darken in the future, which makes it even more unique!

We have used Renaissance Wax to buff the studs and they come with surgical steel posts!


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All our jewellery is packed in custom sleek black boxes, which you can also use for gifting. It is kept protected in the mail by padded postal envelopes.



Humidity is the enemy; keep it dry! Store your goodies individually in the air-tight plastic bag.

Avoid rough wear to slow down the natural process of “wear and tear”.

Perfume, hairspray & other types of lotion may contain harsh chemicals that can tarnish your jewellery over time.

Use jewellery polishing cloth if you need shiny copper finish else the copper will age into a beautiful patina.

All our copper jewellery is unsealed to benefit the skin from healing copper properties.



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