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Evil Eye Necklace And Bracelets

Belief in the “Evil Eye Necklaces” is over 5,000 thousand years old. It has been found in Ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu religions. The evil eye is believed to have fallen upon someone if they were envied or had someone wish malice towards them.

To protect against this an evil eye amulet is warn on the body as jewellery (e.g. necklace, bracelet) or placed in the home and car. Its look can vary but generally the amulet will have a black dot in the middle, enclosed in a white inner circle and with both surrounded by a dark blue edging. It has many names across cultures, including "nazar" in Turkish, "ayn hara" in Hebrew, "ayn al hasud" in Arabic and "mati" in Greek.

In Ancient Greece the evil eye protection symbol has been found on drinking vessels from the 6th century BC and been referenced by Plato and Plutarch. It has also been found as far back as 3300 BC on alabastar idols from the Mesopotamian city of Tell Brak - modern day Syria. 

In the workplace jealous colleagues may try and undercut our successes.  So an evil eye necklace or bracelet could be the perfect accompanyment to your workplace attire! Of course feel free to wear them anytime and anywhere, because they look great with everything!

Evil Eye - Necklaces and Bracelets

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