• Origins of the Christmas Advent Calendar

    Christmas advent calendars are a lot of fun and they have got more and more creative in modern times. Miniature wine bottles, gins, chocolates and in our case, crystals, candles and jewellery. Just what are its origins though? Advent comes from the Latin “adventus” meaning “coming” or “arrival”. ... View Post
  • New Moon and its Significance. (Lunar Cycle Series part 1)

      Moon (Chand/Chandra) is worshipped in Hinduism, it is nourished and lit by the Sun which is also a prominent planet of worship. Moon is considered a very significant planet in astrology and most cultures. It not only affects the tides of the mighty ocean (Moon has its own gravity which pulls th... View Post
  • Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils In Crystal Candles

    Believe it or not, this is quite a contentious area in candle making and you will hear different things from different brands. We're going to lay out our approach and why we take it.  Our default is we use fragrance oils in our crystal candles instead of essential oils. What is the difference? Si... View Post
  • Why You Should Bathe In Magnesium Bath Salts

    Health Benefits of Magnesium Bath Salts There are those who love to run a bath daily or weekly and those who treat a bath as a special occasion. Whatever type of bath person you are though, you’ve probably considered adding bath salts to your bath…perhaps you have heard of Epsom salts or Dead Sea... View Post
  • Miyuki seed bead jewellery

    Miyuki Seed Bead Jewellery If you've come here, you've probably heard people talking about Miyuki and are not sure what it is, why it is special or are wondering where to buy it. The short answer is Miyuki is a type of a glass seed bead manufactured in Japan and we have a collection of miyuki bea... View Post
  • Herkimer Diamonds, a touch of New York in Australia

    Herkimer Diamonds, what are they and why are they so special? Herkimer diamonds bring a touch of New York to Australia. But what are Herkimer diamonds, you ask, and why are they special?   What are Herkimer diamonds? Herkimer diamonds are doubly terminated (meaning they have natural faces/points ... View Post
  • Which Fertility Crystals Should I Use?

    All About Fertility Crystals Trying to get pregnant can be challenging and stressful if it is delayed longer than a couple anticipates. We recommend you boost fertility with as many resources as possible... reproductive endocrinologist, exercise, de-stress, diet and healing energy from crystals (... View Post
  • Why Candles Are Good For You

    Candles have been in use for thousands of years and used for many different purposes. Some have been used in religious ceremonies, some have been relied upon for lighting after dark in the absence of electricity, etc. So asking why candles are good for you, should receive an answer from many diff... View Post
  • Can Candles Expire?

    You've gone out and bought a candle, put it in a drawer and forgotten about it. Years later you take it out and wonder if you can light it - can candles expire? Most organic things expire and only have a certain shelf life. Whilst candles do degrade with time there are five things to consider: ty... View Post
  • How To Make Candles In 8 Steps

    How To Make Candles In 8 Steps If you have been wondering how candles are made, then you've come to the right place. We are going to walk you how we make our soy wax candles. There are 8 steps...don't let that scare you, we'll walk you through it.   1 Select Your Wax First up, you need to choose ... View Post
  • Understanding Candles And What To Look For

    Understanding candles - waxes, wicks and fragrances. View Post
  • Are crystals ethical?

    This is a question that is asked a lot and it is absolutely the right question to ask. Businesses have a responsibility to be more aware and as environmentally friendly as possible. "Are your crystals ethical?" is usually answered by sellers with "we know where the mine is" or "we've visited the ... View Post