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New Moon and its Significance. (Lunar Cycle Series part 1)

New Moon and its Significance. (Lunar Cycle Series part 1)


Moon (Chand/Chandra) is worshipped in Hinduism, it is nourished and lit by the Sun which is also a prominent planet of worship. Moon is considered a very significant planet in astrology and most cultures. It not only affects the tides of the mighty ocean (Moon has its own gravity which pulls the water/liquid) but also influences our behaviour(Since human body is part liquid).

In astrology the moon is associated with mind and emotions and its position in relation to other planets is believed to influence the mental, emotional, and romantic destiny of the individual. To us, the new moon presents immense opportunity to relish in new beginnings.

 On my part I am mainly going to talk about the New Moons significance with respect to my religion, Hinduism. Hindu calendar follows the lunar cycle and the New Moon Night (Amavasya) falls at the beginning of the new calendar month. Depending upon the Moons size and position in the sky and amongst other planets, the moon is viewed as auspicious or inauspicious. The waxing moon is considered beneficial whereas the waning moon auspicious.

Most Hindus fast on this day and offer food to their ancestors. Since Amavasya beckons new beginnings, festivals like Diwali are also celebrated on this day. In farming, the new moon symbolises when the soil is most fertile. Farmers plant seeds at this time as water in the ground is pulled up by the lunar gravity, helping nourish the new life.


Most people in India believe the New Moon to be an auspicious phase but some don't start anything new on this day until one day later. Regardless of religion, New Moon is a great start to the waxing phase of the moon and a good way for individuals to set the tone for the next period until the full moon.

Another great way to set particular intentions is to see where the current new moon is falling in your Natal Chart, this will help you set intentions for the particular house be it career, personal or health etc.

New Moon ritual may consist of :

1)Lighting a candle, relaxing and thinking about future goals.

2)Forget your past and lay a path in motion for moving forward.

3)Take a ritual bath with sea salt to recharge and clear old energy.

4)Concentrate on your sacred altar and send a message with new pictures and cleansing your crystals.

Use this period to discard the old habits, thought processes, and negative influences. Fully embrace the promise of new ‘light’ that the new moon brings to us.

Be mindful of what you are speaking of with the Universe and make the most of it!


Crystals to work with during the new moon :


1)Bloodstone – This grounding stone can help stay in line during this period of change and help open our eyes to seriously see what we want.


2) Clear Quartz – This master healer is so good to enhance the energy around us and the energy of other stones around it.


3) Citrine - Stone of Balance and helps us in releasing negative emotions and motivates our mind.


4) Labradorite - A transformation stone, let it be a reminder of protection, tension-release, and your ability to reinvent yourself.


5) Black obsidian -This shiny black stone is amongst the most powerful chakra healers and protective stones. Use black obsidian to ground yourself, cultivate a strong sense of self and inner resilience, and deflect negative energy.


To be continued....


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