• Himalayan quartz specimen

Natural Himalayan Crystal Quartz Specimen 1

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These are some of my favourite crystals! I was born in the foothills of the Central Himalayas and my hometown nestles between two snowy peaks. The Himalayas are sacred, special and breathtaking and so this is something from them I can share with you. It took moving thousands of kms south into the southern hemisphere to this beautiful island continent of Australia to fully understand the power and energy of these magnificent frosty pieces of crystals found at 10,000 feet and above that, I now lovingly infuse in our candles too.

Why: Himalayan Quartz is an amplifier, they amplify the energy of any other crystal you are working with. The peachy pink colour in some comes from trace amounts of aluminium or phosphate.

These crystals are found metres above sea level in the highest mountain range on Earth. This Himalayan Quartz has just been washed and is not polished, dyed or heat-treated. 

Our Himalayan Crystal Quartz is hand minded by gentle means high up in the Himalayas and have the ‘yang’ energies of the mountains in them.

Birthstone: April 

Chakra association: Crown

Used for: Focus, Clarity, Vision, Illumination



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