Press Release - Australians Are There For Each Other

Melbourne, Australia, 15 August 2020 – A lot has been written about the shake-up of retail and people being selfish flouting lockdown rules, but the retail industry and gift sector in particular, shows that Australians are still there for each other in times of crisis.


The greatest increase in sales in our products this year has been for our gift boxes and we have been reading & writing our customers’ gift notes. These notes reveal our hearts.


Distances between us during Coronavirus have magnified. One message wished “I hope you get better soon and I hate that you are so far away.”


Another encouraging gift note said, “you’ll come out the other side of this I promise.”


One written after someone had to isolate read, “when cooped up at home, just think of Rome, for our next trip we’ll go, I promise you beau.”


Another person wrote to us that they wanted to send a gift to a friend who had lost their job and needed cheering up.


So although we may not be able to be physically present for many of our loved ones, we are still making sure that we are cheering them up, offering words of encouragement and letting them know we’re there for them.


About Bewitched Crystals and Candles

Bewitched Crystals and Candles is an artisanal boutique brand and trading name of Bougainbale Pty Ltd that infuses magic into your life with crystals and candles. It believes in giving you unique and handcrafted products, in a world proliferated with mass produced products.

Metalsmithing, candle making and crystals have existed in many different civilisations around the world for centuries, even millennia and we are honouring these timeless practises. 

We are an India born Australia based brand in Melbourne, one of the most liveable places in the world in a sun drenched land. We hope our products will bring enchantment into your life!